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O nás

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
You just opened the internet page of a Centrum of one day surgery PROCHIRURGIA.

PROCHIRURGIA is the answer to the need of people, who are responsible when it comes to their health. They are interested in being treated by right professionals in time that suits them and the doctor at the same time.


What classifies as one day surgery?

According to official guideline MZSR č. 12225/2009-OZS from 18.8.2009, surgical operations classified as one day surgery are those which can be done without subsequent institutional mediacal care.
In USA, 90% of patients undergo surgery this way. In Germany, it is about 70 to 80% of patients. In Slovakia, one day surgery is done in only 8% out of all cases.


  1. Individual approach to patient and his/her needs.
  2. Application of new mininally invasive surgical techniques
    (such as laparoscopy, endoscopy etc).
  3. Minimal risk of infection.
  4. Shortened recovery period and rapid return back to normal life and work.
  5. Psychological effect of hospital care.

Reasons for the founding of Prochirurgia Center

The health system or any other medical facility in Bratislava and its surrounding area doesnt offer integrated standards that are needed in means of space, organization, or managment to be practicing one day medcial care of this extent. Problems of long waitlists for certain surgeries (such as arthoscopies, hip implants, lens implants, etc) are due to a shortage of such centers.


A complex system of outpatient clinics, operation rooms, and postoperative care is situated under one roof. It creates and combines high comfort for patient and makes the whole process of treatment more effective. That's why you can find our brand new location, with an above average establishment, at Ruzinovska street 10, in the building of Ruzinovska poliklinika. Here you can also find an outpatient clinic in areas like haematology and biochemistry, radiodiagnostics, general practicioner for kids and youth, general practicioner for adults, internal medicine and cardiology, gynecology, ENT, phoniatrics, stomatology, facial orthopeadics, physical therapy and balneology, rheumatology, diabetology, clinical oncology, psychiatric outpatient clinic, psychology outpatient clinic, orthopeadic protetic, endocrinology, and pneumoftizeology.

Prochirurgia Centeris located so that it has the possibility to be closely cooperating with Fakulna nemocinca Ruzinov, giving it the opportunity to widen its range of activities and focus on inpatients, as well..

Characteristics of Prochirurgia Center - TOP 5

  • Newest,
  • Biggest,
  • Most complex ,
  • Most modern ,
  • Most progressive.

Specialization of Prochirurgia Center

  • Plastic surgery,
  • General surgery,
  • Urology,
  • Ortopeadics.


Prochirurgia Center has the newest equipment and two full professionally equipped superaseptic operation rooms (M 3,5) meeting the strict european criteria.


Human potential

A skilled team of doctors and nurses with a professional approach and lot of experiences and work experience from abroad are the guarantee for your satisfaction. It is also your guarantee that your health is in the best hands.

Doc. MUDr. Radomír Kokavec, PhD.